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Include orientation in CSV files

Hello everyone!

I wonder if it was possible to include the orientation of the scene in the CSV files.

As of now, when you create a map, the orientation of the scene is kept (and this is nice for the "no pan" and "no move" mode since the mapper can define exactly what the player will see when a point is randomly selected).

However, when you import a CSV file, the orientations of all points you have selected are reoriented to 0° (full North), which is quite bad for the "no pan" maps (this means you cannot import a CSV file for a map that is designed for the "no pan" mode).

Would it be possible to make it so this orientation is saved too, and that the CSV files are not limited to polar coordinates?

I would love to hear your feedback on this question!

Best regards,



  • Heyo!

    We have this on the wishlist for Map-Making since a lot of content creators have requested it as well.

    We shall see when we we have the time and resources to include this along with some other features for Map-making all together. 🙂

  • This is a very good suggestion that feels like a low-hanging fruit. Having "heading" (orientation in this suggestion) and "pitch" (camera angle pointed up or down) as two new properties in the csv export/import would be brilliant and open up for multiple users collaborating on maps f.ex. while still keeping the map NMPZ friendly. Backing up or retaining an old version of a map would then also be trivial. We can even have external tools help us scan for locations that have been removed or replaced by unofficial coverage if we want to remove those.

    Google call them "heading" and "pitch" in their APIs, hence those terms.

    The format could f.ex. be like this. latitude,longitude,heading,pitch
  • Yes, it is actually easy to implement. Just add two coordinates in the CSV files, modify the code to retrieve them, it would be compatible with the old files, and it's good to go. With the API codes for heading and pitch identified, it's really a matter of minutes to code that 😀 I hope we can get it soon in the future.

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