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Inappropriate Ads

I was trying out GeoGuessr and while playing, I noticed that inappropriate ads were popping up. I was seeing ads for lengerie, bras, panties, and sometimes the ads featured half naked women. I was hoping to incorporate this in my classroom, but short of joining the pro version, is there any way to eliminate the inappropriate ads to my students?
Marques Dumaop Report inappropriate content


  • Just use uBlock or another adblocker if you don't find it.

    I don't know if ads are random or related to your web history. If it's random then Geoguessr staff needs to do something on their side. But lately they seem to be vanished...
  • I have my class playing this today and will not be playing it anymore until the inappropriate ads are removed. Absolutely unacceptable and embarrassing.
  • Hi guys

    Sorry about this, the ads are default Google Ads and should be targeted based on your web history. We've looked into this and blocked few additional categories now (such as underwear) and just let us know if this should happen again. However, if you want to be completely certain you could sign up for a pro account (free trial for 10 days) which removes the ads altogether.


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