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Improvements for mobile app

I like the mobile app better than the website mostly because the transparent map is impossible to use on the web. But the mobile app needs improvement.

1. Add navigation buttons. Double tapping to move can be annoying, and often it takes several guesses to finally get a move command to process. Coming to an intersection I have to turn, double tap several times, then turn back the way I was going if the crossroad cannot be navigated. If I get to a dead end there is no indication except several wasted double taps. If I want to backup to read a sign I passes I have to turn, go forward, then turn back. A back arrow that does not rotate the camera would make this easier. Often when I move forward the camera rotated about 90 degrees for no reason. Navigation buttons that don’t change my orientation would prevent this.

2. Add a confirmation to the return to origin button. It is too easy to hit, erasing all my progress and travel.

3. When returning to origin don’t reset the map. I might take a long time getting to a location I can identify. Once I know where I am and have zoomed in on the map I will return to origin to figure out where I started. It is ridiculous that I lose my map as well and have to find where I was all over again.
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  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the suggestions! They sound reasonable.. The mobile app definitely needs an update, we just haven't had the time.

    have a great day,

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