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Idea: Story mode

Hi! This is what came to my mind when I discussed with a friend about GeoGuessr:

It would be nice to have a level-based story mode. There could be stories like “From birth to death” where you’d have to solve a couple of levels. In this case, you’d have to guess first the Charité hospital in Berlin, then Hogwarts school in GB, …, last one Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

Each and every of those levels consists of 10 hints which the player sees progressively. First hint for Charité hospital could be “It has more than 3,000 beds”, last one could be a No-Move-round of Branbenburger Tor, saying that the hospital is just north of this building. You’d therefore have a mixture of pure text hints and No-Move-picture hints.

As in Battle Royale Distance, you receive a life with every new hint that appears and you get an extra life for close guesses, right country etc. Of course, GeoGuessr would only report the distance you’ve guessed from the target location. Little by little and with the help of the hints, you can get closer to the location and complete the level.

When you’ve managed to complete it, you progress to the next level and receive a gold needle (which you can see on a world map) if you were quick enough. After having solved all levels of the story, you get a gold/silver/bronze medal, as in explorer mode.

That’s my idea, let me know if you see some potential 😀 I’ve added a screenshot of how the game interface could look like.


  • Hi Oli,

    Thanks for this! That would be a really cool idea. And I agree it would be nice to incorporate clues and such in a map. That would also be nice for the map makers and community to spend time on.

    I have sent this on internally!


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