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I will delete my account and cannot untie my bank card


Bulkin Clips


  • Hi Bulkin,

    I cant see that you have an active subscription connected to your email.

    Could you expand a bit more on what you mean and why you want the card to be removed?

    Kind regards
  • I deleted my account, but they still try to withdraw money from me
    Bulkin Clips
  • Hi,

    Yes by deleting your account wont mean that a subscription automatically disappears.

    I have had a look at this and can’t find a subscription for the email-address you provided.

    Is it possible that you have another account with us that’s registered with a different email-address?

    You can also provide the last 4 digits of your credit card ((Example: **0123) and expiration date (MM/YY) which you made the payment with and we can have a further look into this.

    Since this is sensitive information, please send this information to


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