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I was charged for the "Free Trial".

On April 24, I looked into purchasing Geoguessr Pro but was prompted to get a 7 day free trial first. I live in India and the monthly sub is 69 Rupees. I entered my debit card info and a popup page for Paddle.Net came up. It was charging me 100 rupees for a "Free Trial". I thought it was a dummy transaction to check the validity of my card and that the 100 rupees would be reimbursed instantly. But, no reimbursement has arrived in the past 7 days.

Then I had hoped that the 100 rupees would be used to give me my first month sub. But, today, I was asked to pay another 69 Rupees to continue/start my Pro sub.

Can someone help me with this? Where did the 100 rupees go and why am I required to pay more?



  • Its a charge that is made sometimes in order to verify the card, it should be reversed back within 24 hours.

    If not, then I would suggest reaching out to Paddle ( so they can look further into this.

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