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I was charged even though I deleted my account

I was charged even though I deleted my account.  I am unsure whether I canceled the subscription before or after the trial ended.  I was charged for 23.88 which I believe is the yearly subscription. I would like a refund, but if that is not possible, I would like to have the Pro version because I was charged for it.
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  • Hi John,

    Sure no problem, we'll sort it out. Which email did you use when you signed up and did you pay with a credit card or with paypal?

  • Hi Mikael,
    Thank you for helping me out.  I signed up through gmail and I believe it was **. I used PayPal.
    John Rizzo
  • Hmm I can't find any charges for that email in paypal, could you check if your paypal account uses another email?

    (The reason you were charged right away was because you used paypal, the trial period only applies when using a credit card, I know a little confusing, but we've tried to point that out on the page where you sign up )


  • Hi Mikael
    Sorry about that, my PayPal email is **. If I did use a credit card, I meant to select the monthly plan but I guess I chose my annual plan because i was charged 23.88.  If I am unable to get a refund or lowered to the monthly charge of 2.99, is it possible that I could get the Pro version for the remainder of the yearly subscription even after deleting my account
    John Rizzo
  • Hi again,

    There I found it, you signed up using credit card not paypal. I've canceled the subscription and refunded you.

    Have a great day,


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