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I want to play this on Nintendo Switch!

I'm shocked GeoGuessr is not on a game console. I've liked this game for several years, and would play this game more often if it was on the Nintendo Switch. I think geoguessr is missing out by not being on game consoles. I would pay gladly pay $10 for it. Make it work!
Andrew C.


  • i’d pay $60 for this but i’m guessing there are some pretty fundamental issues getting street view to function properly with switch hardware
  • I think it is just not possible. While Google Maps data can be used to create game (like Pokemon Go), Google Street View is quite specific and only works with Javascript (at least for dynamic view). I doubt there is a way to make it work on such consoles. Anyways it is not worth them investing time and resources as this market is basically inexistant.

    Also a single payment is impossible as each time we play they pay Google. We increase the costs all the time so that's why they had to go with a subscription system and this wouldn't change on consoles (that's why they changed the mobile app too to avoid going bankrupt).

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