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I tried going pro...

I tried entering cc data, but there was no https... and nothing was confirmed. What happened?

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  • Hi Catherin

    What happened after you entered your CC information? If everything worked as intended you should be transferred to a confirmation page. If you want me to check if the registration went through you can send an email to with your email address.

    Kind regards,

  • I teach Middle School Geography and use Geoguessr 5 times every week and enjoy creating my own maps related to our curriculum.  I have been paying $2.99 for the past several years.  Now it tells me to upgrade to Pro I can pay $1.99 per month but says I am not Pro right now.  I'm confused.  I think I was Pro last school year but not now?  Can you help?  It is also not allowing me to upload the pin I used for the past several years or create new maps!
    Kevin Lake
  • Hi Kevin,

    Sorry for the late reply.. It looks like your pro subscription ended in July, that's why you can't change the pin etc.
    But it also looks like you figured that out a couple of days ago and started a new subscription. Does everything work now?

    Awesome to hear that you use it in class!


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