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I need to change my credit card number

Where do I go to update my credit card information?
Tim Murphy


  • Hi Tim,

    You can update your card at but I had a look at your account and found a bug which hid the update-card-component, so thank you for helping me find that. I've refreshed your account so you should be able to update now.

    Let me know if it doesn't work, have a great day!

  • Hi Mikael (or whoever sees this) ...
    I'm having the same issue - I cannot find a way to update my payment info can anyone help with that?

    Carl White
  • Hi Carl,

    It looks like you sorted it out?

    Let me know if you need any help

  • I can't find te way to Change muy crédito card
    Anna Grace
  • Hi Anna,

    I had a look at your account and found a bug that caused the subscription information to be hidden for you. We did a major release a couple of weeks ago and are still finding some small things that aren't working. Thanks for letting us know it's fixed now.

    If you go to or you can sign up for a new subscription. (It's not possible to just renew it since it was canceled because an earlier failed charge)

  • I can not find the update credit card information button either on my account
    Beth Marks
  • Hi Beth,

    It's only when you have an active subscription it's possible to update the card information. If you want to upgrade to pro again, you'll have to enter your details again (and then you can use your new card)

    Let me know if it doesn't work.

  • But my last card payment didn’t go through so I keep getting emails. I actually haven’t used it in months- so perhaps that can be waived?
    Beth Marks
  • Ah, yeah if a payment fails our payment provider (stripe) will retry 3 times before canceling the subscription and thus waiving the payment.
    Current status is that it's canceled and there's no outstanding payments.

    Have a great day
  • I have a Brazilian Credit Card, not international. Would that be the reason my card is being declined? My old card expired and I didn't see the need to apply for a international then. Is there a way to validate Brazilian (Visa) cards or a plan to do so in the future?
    Ronei Pezzini
  • Hi Ronei,

    That could be the reason yes. But you would need to check with your Bank to see if they have rejected it from their end.
  • Hi I want to change my card information. I renewed my subscription using my new card, but I believed its being billed on the other card I had. Cant find where to check that out
  • Hi Sandro,

    You can update your card under Profile/Edit your profile.

    In case of any issues, send me an email to


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