I lost my account!

Hello! On 5/02/2021 I purchased GeoGuessr Pro for my account. I bought this on my account which was connected with facebook. Today I found out that the email used for my facebook is no longer valid (the system I was using @navigator.lv was shut down) so I changed my facebooks email to my new one but as soon as I did and logged back into my GeoGuessr account, everything was gone. My pro membership, my stats - nothing was the same. I tried everything and I don't know what to do. Now im scared I won't be able to recover my account. My Pro accounts name is RobertTheBot
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  • Hi Robert,

    Send us an email to subscription@geoguessr.com with the following:
    - The old email
    - Last 4 digits of the card used
    - Expiry date (MM/YY)
    - Full name of card holder
    - PayPal Transaction ID (If applicable)

    And I will help you further with this!

  • Hello, I need help because despite having a debt of 3 I am quite nervous about a situation that happened to me yesterday. I did a couple of weeks to play with friends, I tried the 10 days for free, canceling the subscription instantly so they don't keep charging me. Yesterday I see my invoices and I see that there is one that has not yet been paid despite the fact that I canceled the 10-day free subscription. For the panic delete the account canceling the subscription before so there would be no problem (even though it was already canceled) Now my question is if I pay that debt, they will not continue to charge me or if I pay it, I should not worry because they continue to charge me? I hope you can help me 🙁

    Vicente Mud

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