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I have used this in my Geography class in the past.

I have used this as an exciting supplement to my Geography class that I teach to 7th graders.  Hard to get kids excited to use maps and this worked great.  But now, do I need to have ALL my kids sign up and pay to use the site?
I get it if I need to purchase something for my class, no issues there. Just was wondering if there was a possibility on that front?
Keep up the good work, this site is fantastic.
John Finlay


  • It's said they're studying about changes for schools:

     For now you can just get one pro account, create challenge and the kids will just need a regular account to play for free. They will get the ads though.
  • wow that is so bad for you, geoguessr (commieguessr) really is trash
  • Thanks for the responses.  Although I do not believe it is Geoguessr's fault as to why they have to charge for their services...
    John Finlay
  • They have to charge to feed Google's infinitely deep money bag. It's not their choice as using Google Maps and Street View is very expensive, despite of what everyone thinks (understandable, as you don't need to pay anything when browsing Google Maps, but as a business, you pay very expensive fees).

    Lately Google multiplied their prices by 14. I let you think why Geoguessr had to become paid with this information.

    Also like I said to other teachers around, feel free to give more information that can help devs to iron their school plans: how many students, how many games to play  etc.

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