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I don’t like it anymore.

I used to play this game very often but for now I’m disappointed. First of all, it crashes all the time and then all I can see is “wait for 23 hours to play or by a pro version”. Yeah, sure. Second, way too often, when a game starts, I get a black screen and there is nothing to do with it. And again: “wait for 23 hours or bla-bla-bla”. This happens all the time! Third: the quality of the picture became so bad and it gives no chance to see something that will help to make a guess, everything is blurred. I mean not only signs or pointers, but even trees and buildings. And a bonus: sometimes when I click on forward arrow it throws me far back. And after all this things you can make a guess: do I want to purchase the pro version or not?
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  • Which map are you trying to play? It may have broken data as sometimes Google deletes the coverage without any reason and Geoguessr tried to load it unsuccessfully. And do not play the "free map", it's really not worth it (and it may eat up the free daily game).

    Most of the issues seems to be related to Google Street View rather than Geoguessr itself. Blurry pictures for instance are just very old pictures Google took more than 10 years ago. Also the arrow bug is from Google as well. Geoguessr can't do anything about that as it only uses data from Google.

    If you want more free game, you can play the daily challenge: or find any challenge link in map pages, under the activities. Do this only after using the free game on the map of your choice.

    Finally you can find your ongoing games here:
    You can reuse them anytime, without waiting for 24 hours.
  • It happens with all maps I’ve tried to play 🤷‍♀️
  • You may have a problem on your side then. Can you access Street View on the regular Google Maps website? Does it displays well here?
  • Yes, I can. And it works very well

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