I can't start a new game.

Hi, I have one important problem. I can't start any new games in classic mode single player. I can play streak, challange but no single player classics. Is it possible to fix it? I don't know what is reason of this but it could be fact, that I was attepmting to Polish record and I was restarting games really fast.
3 months ago I sent something and still haven't got a reply Report inappropriate content


  • You spammed games too much which cost GeoGuessr too much money. To avoid going bankrupt they must set limits. You will have to wait 24 hours before being able to start new games again.
  • No idea where the email was sent 3 months ago, was not to subscription@geoguessr.com.  I have removed the suspension from my end.
  • ,,3 months ago I sent something and still haven't got a reply" this is acually missclick i dont know why is there but it shouldn't be there there should be my name


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