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I cant see maps uploaded by a third party

I mean I cannot see landscapes uploaded by a third person.
Both when I create maps and when I play them.
I am a paid member.
Real Geographer


  • Hi Real Geographer,

    that sounds weird, do you have an example that I could take a look at?

  • when i click on the individual points on google maps like this one, I see 50% of the time black space in the place where I should see the landscape.
    Both when I create the maps, and when I play.

    Real Geographer
  • Ok I see, the user uploaded photospheres (locations you can't move around in) are sometimes removed which will then cause it to be black. We are trying to remove these from the pool of available locations.

    So basically that location doesn't exist anymore, if you run into them while creating a map don add them to your map.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • But sometimes the same locations appear on my map.

    Real Geographer
  • For example here: on map create mod I cant seem to see anything made by anyone but Google.

    Here is when I play:

    When a place is not operational It says so.
    This is not the case.

    Real Geographer
  • anybody here?
    Real Geographer
  • Hi,

    Yeah what you describe sounds like the issue I mentioned above. The locations have been removed from Google (and we shouldn't be showing them at all).

    If you try this map,
    can you see any locations? It took a while for them to load for me (up to 5s). 

    If you are building maps wouldn't use the removed ones.

  • I could see every single one of them and they appeared relatively quick.

    How can I know which are removed and which are not? If sometimes they work and sometimes they dont, I basically waste my time creating the maps all for nothing, just for them being unplayable.

    I was creating a map for the landmarks of my country but apparently most of the photospheres cannot be reached. I like to use photospheres for landmarks because its simpler that way, and I want close shots.

    So, I am wondering, how can I be certain that the photospheres are legit? And why in one instance they function properly and then dont work?
    Real Geographer
  • They should work all the time. If they appear sometimes then it's some other issue..
    Is that the case that you see them 50% of the time (as you mentioned above) or is it 50% of the photospheres that you see?
  • I can see the photospheres 50% of the time. Some times they all work fine, other times no one works.

    Real Geographer
  • If you click "View on Google Maps" you can see if the photosphere is still available. If you see it on Maps then it's fine.

    There is a common bug that makes photospheres not load properly, I have it for years and it is quite random. Sometimes everything loads, sometimes nothing loads. I never found any solution and I assume this is from Google which prioritize loading their own pictures before photospheres. They probably throttle them in case of heavy usage worldwide.

    Last there is a glitch on Google Maps that makes blue dots appear when there is no actual data. We usually call it "ghost dots". But in this case it's very simple to find it's broken: if nothing happens when clicking the blue dot then it's a ghost dot. Impossible to select it, even by mistake.
  • UPDATE: The problem persists even while i play geoguessr's own quiz. I played the European Union one and one of the landscapes was not visible.
    I use Mozzila Firefox, but it doesnt work in Microsoft Edge either.
    Please Help. I dont remember this bug happening before. Just now.
    The game is unplayable.
    I am a paid member btw so I dont want my money being wasted.
    I had never faced this bug before though
    Real Geographer

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