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I cant play unlimited games anymore!

I used to be able to enjoy a riveting and highly entertaining Geoguessr experience, where i could guess around the world as much as i wanted. Now however, I am unable to do so! Is this a bug? I see no reason why anyone would want to limit this wonderful game so I am assuming this is an unfortunate overlooking of the coding. Please fix this bug soon, so that I can continue to play Geoguessr as much as I want! Thank you!
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  • It's not a bug, it's Google being greedy as fuck and multiplying Google Maps usage prices by 14. It's now impossible to make a game like Geoguessr playable free anymore as the costs will go up to thousands of dollars per week. Nobody can afford that. All attempted alternatives went either down or paid as well (80 clicks, Geoguess on Android etc). 

    You will have to get a pro account now to support the costs. You can also find challenge links to play more games for free. The daly challenge is also free. But remember to use the free daily game on your map of choice fist before playing daily challenge or challenge links or you'll waste it.
  • thats dumb
    Mason Ford
  • I am a paying pro and I can't play unlimited either! After 3 rounds I get black screens... I quit my subscription!
    M Boerma
  • Hi M Boerma,

    Sorry about that, we're investigating why some experience this. Could you explain it in a bit more detail?

    Does it always happen after 3 rounds?
    Which browser are using? (Have you tried in another to see if that works)
    Does it happen on all maps or is it a specific one?

    sorry for the inconvenience!
  • in the meantime I discovered that if I restart my phone, I can play again. Sometimes Once a day, sometimes more often. So it is probably not your fault.

    M Boerma
  • if u delete your account and make it aigain for example i log in with google so its faster u can get infinite games
  • thank you.
    I discovered if I turn off my phone and re-start it, I can play again.
    M Boerma
  • Google thought: It's corona time, people are bored, so it's easy to make money with geoguesser to punish the people!
    UJ Leandro
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