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I can't log in with my google account without any messages.

I can't login with my google account today. Situations are below;

#No response when I push the link "log in with Google" without any message.
#Links to Facebook and Apple function normal.
#Firefox, Edge, I.E. are same.
#Cash and cookies are deleted.
#No changes when I shut down security software(Kaspersky).

Please tell me some information. Thank you.

Menbow Mikan
Menbow Mikan


  • Hi,

    I have removed the Google-login so you can login with this email and a password instead. Sometimes the Google-login are acting up due to extensions, plugins so make sure you have disabled them as well.

  • I can log in with your original log in form directly now.
    Thank you Filip!

    Menbow Mikan
  • Hi,

    Great, glad it worked! 👍


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