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I cannot add my friend so we could play in challenge mode. Neither of us sees the friend requests.

I tried to play with a friend in challenge mide last night but we couldn't. We sent eachother requests but even though the requests were sent none of us sees them so we could not answer the requests. It says the requests are pending, but nothing else. I don't know why this happened but I hope you can solve it quickly. We want to play in challenge mode so much!
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  • Hi, I don't know about the requests but you can just send them the challenge link and it will be good. It's literally the same thing so no worries.
  • So, if I give them the challenge link, and they click on it we can play the challenge together without adding the other user as a friend? Is there a way to solve the friend adding problem too?
    Ana Maria
  • Hi,

    We'll look into the friend request issue, but in the mean time as Mapper says you can just send the link and it will work exactly the same. (You'll see the link in the dialog after 'add a friend' when creating a challenge)


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