How to suggest new game modes?

I had an idea for a game mode, but I wasn't sure how to make the suggestion.  I'll just do it here:

Doing country streaks can be tedious since it ends as soon as you get one wrong, and you can spend lot of time restarting new streaks. I would like to be able to keep going when I get one wrong. So here's my suggestion:

A Country Streak game mode that presents you with a hundred locations. You play through all of them and the game counts how many countries you have correctly guessed. At the end you get a 0-100 score.

This would let you play country streak w/out having to restart over and over and over, which is no fun.

Extra credit for giving the players the ability to choose how long of a streak they want to shoot for (ie. don't hard-code the limit to 100).


  • Hiya!

    That would be a cool idea! Will send it off to the gang 🙂

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