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Just signed up and clicked on 1st game.  Couldn't see instructions on how to play, so went to the support area, but when returned to game it said I can't play for another 23 hours !
Julian Cooke


  • In short, you have to try to figure out where in the world you are. You can either use the arrows or click on the road ahead of you to move around and get clues. Then you make a guess on the map — the closer you are to the location, the higher your score.

    You probably got locked out because you have a free account, so you can (technically) only play 1 game a day. But you can go to the geoguessr subreddit and try out challenges created by pro users for free; there are always challenges to play so you should have a lot of options. Hope that helps.
  • Bro press play button 😀
  • I'm in the same boat as OP. I figured there would be some instructions in the game since I couldn't find any on the site before I started, so I opened the Daily Challenge game to check it out but couldn't figure out how to submit my guess before time ran out. Now I see I can't even try to play again today now that I know how to play??? NO FUN.

    Describing the content of the game is not the same as telling someone how to play the game. WRITE SOME DAMN INSTRUCTIONS.

    What am I guessing when I guess where I am? A city or locality name? A country? A geographic feature? Just wherever the map landed me so I'm aiming for a spot on the Earth without reference to label?

    I'm not going to sign up for a monthly fee for the opportunity try a game I couldn't play the first time because there were no instructions. Get ready to fail bad y'all. I doubt I'll remember this game tomorrow since all I got for playing today was frustration and disappointment.
  • Jamie, you’re guessing the exact location of the Google Car at the start of the round. There will always be a reference point because you’re on a road — it can be as small as a bend in the road or as large as a skyscraper, but to say that there are no references is incorrect since the map is labeled. You make a guess by clicking somewhere on the minimap so a pin appears, then pressing the guess button. It should be clear after a few rounds that you’re trying to make a guess as close to your starting location as possible. If you’re still confused on how to play, just check out the countless streamers who’ve played the game and copy what they do.

    Most (all?) of the fun is trying to figure out where you are using the clues around you, whether it’s landscape, weather, architecture, language, road signs, etc. There won’t always be a giant sign telling you exactly where you are. Yes, it may be frustrating at times if you get placed in the middle of nowhere, but after a while you will begin to notice patterns and make more educated guesses. If this game isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine. And yes, the experience for free users is not as good as for premium users. But there are several ways to get around that, as I mentioned in my last comment. I think the game will be much more enjoyable once you figure out how to play and get some basic tips on how to do well.

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