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How to log in the app when the account was created with a google account

I created my account on a desktop using my google account. There’s no way for me to log in in the app.
Simon St-Coeur


  • Hi Simon,

    Yeah that's an issue at the moment.. If you want to I can remove the connection to Google from your account so that you can set a password instead?

  • Yes please that would be great. Am i going to have to create an account after you remove the google account attached ?
    Simon St-Coeur
  • I've removed it, now you should be able to set a password

    You don't have to create a new account.

    Let me know if it doesn't work

  • Hi there I am having the same issue where I set up my account on my desktop using my google account. Is there any chance we can you can help here.
  • Hi I’m having the same problem. I would like an account reset please so I can login on the app
  • Hi,

    Send us an email if you still experience this issue to

    Thank you!
  • Hej, jag har gjort ett Google konto på GeoGuessr på min webbläsare och vet inte hur jag kommer in på med det kontot på appen.

    Tim Bareis
  • Hi Tim,

    Send me an email to in case you still experience this issue.


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