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how to help/support you?

i just revently discovered all this and it's soo great!

i actually wanted to ask about custom maps, but sinc you have such a good gorum that is now unnecisarry 😉

so i just want to thank you all who are involved in this project!
actually i even would be honored to contribute to it. so i just wanted to ask if there is any help needed in regard of coding (since i am an it/cs student and quite exp.). also do you have any donation/patreon page?
or what about a gift shop or anything?
 11/10 i'd buy a geoguessr T-shirt! 😃

anyway.. thank's again for reading and for making great things
keep up the good work! <§
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  • Hi Henrik,

    thanks for the kind words! We don't really have any ways to contribute other than posting feedback at the moment, thanks for volunteering though!

    No gift shop either.. We've looked into it but haven't got the time to set something up yet..

    The best way to support us is to become a pro member!

    thanks again!



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