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How to determine where on the earth I am travelling if the landscape have no clues?

On my streak I have reached 82 countries, but the current one is impossible. There is only a short path of sandy strip of a road in a non-determinable environment, no houses, signs, people or even vegetation to give a hint of the country. I cannot proceed further on the road because the arrow does not allow to do so. This is incredible. The bug has to be corrected or the game becomes unplayable.
Kimmo Jorasmaa


  • Hi Kimmo,

    If there is an unplayable map you can make a guess. Then send me the Game-ID (can be found under Activities when a streak is finished) to and I can revive it for you.

  • I guessed and naturally wrong. I cannot find that game-id under activities. It states only the right guesses and the final error.
    The map was unplayable due to the fact that moving further on the street was restricted with the return arrow.
    Also only the sandy path and far away bushes was to be seen.
    Streaks should consist at least some definitive clues in order to give some relevance to player's guess.
    My final guess was New Zealand and the correct country was South Africa. As well it could have been Argentina or almost anywhere on the globe.
    Surely you understand that I felt a bit annoyed.

    Kimmo Jorasmaa
  • With the camera quality and the landscape South Africa was one good candidate but I agree this is using metagaming which is something not everyone knows.

    The thing about locations is that the game uses the Google Maps API to get data. Sadly the API is very limited and doesn't allow verifying if the navigation is available outside of adjacent panoramas (basically it is only possible to know if there is at lead one navigation arrow and that's it). This means they can't check if every location is playable. And no, it is not reasonable to ask them to check all the locations one by one to be sure it is guessable, there are billions of them in Street View and it would take to much time and money. It is more efficient to let you ask them to manually restore the streak as in the process they also get the wrong location that needs to be fixed.
  • Hi Kimmo,

    Im not able to an account on this email. Can you send me an email to and I can help you further.


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