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How to add images and places to my custom map?

 I have 360 degree images that I would like to my own custom map.
How do I go around adding them?

frank weaver


  • Hi Frank,

    It's not possible to upload images directly to GeoGuessr. You can add your photospheres and 360-images to Google streetview. Then in theory they can end up in GeoGuessr, but they won't be available instantly. I can't give you an exact time it will take to be available but a first step would be to upload them to Google street view.

    Thanks for playing!

  • Quite a few of them are personal photos. If they were added to street view when there's no actual street ( for example the Carmanah west vancouver island trail) and then not to fuzz out their face, that's not been added by google. Those have been added some how else.....
    shannon skinner

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