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How many pins there are

So I'm making a replayable map with lots of locations, but as I edit it and add more, I keep wondering just how many I have. So my suggestion is, when you edit a custom map, that it informs you of how many markers it has.
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  • Hi Elena

    Thanks for the suggestion! That sounds like a great idea, I'll bring it up with the team!

  • Hey,

    I was wondering if anyone had asked about this, but for a slightly different use case (as someone looking to play a map I've already played)!

    When looking for maps to play with friends, it would be great to know how many pins the map has, to know whether it can be 'replayed' or not (not much fun playing the same 5 locations again, but if there were 25 pins, then there's a higher chance of getting new locations). I was playing the 'Where's that McDonalds' map with some friends, and we enjoyed it and wanted to play again to try some more, but looking at the description of the map (where it tells you how many people have played it, liked it, average score etc.) it would be really useful (and a pretty easy change) to surface how many pins the map has.

    This is actually limiting my current playing of the game, because I'm not going back to maps I enjoyed because I'm not sure if there's any point, or if they'll be all the same locations again.

    Just a suggestion. Love GeoGuessr, think it's a great game, and like making suggestions to see how things can be improved.

  • Hi Neil

    Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the feedback! This is really nice addition that could really simplify things for the users, I'll bring it up with the team!

  • I was also going to suggest something like this.

    And as a player, knowing how many starting locations a Custom Map has would be really nice to have, so one can know if a map is re-playable or not.

  • Hey. We've updated the game adding this feature. You'll find it next to the pin in the map description.


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