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How many people can join a private league created via a pro account

I have approximately 500-700 people who want to join in a single session to play Geoguessr.

They will not have accounts already made. I'm coordinating this and have a one hour slot where we can play this game.

How can i onboard them to the game - Explain the rules + gameplay & make sure that they have accounts to login with ?
Rahul Saxena


  • We do not have a cap on Pro Leagues. However I would recommend creating a Challenge on a Map instead.

    They will need to sign up for an account though in order to be able to play the Challenge. But only one Pro-account is needed to set it up, then the rest can play with a free account.

  • Hi Filip,
    We are 18 people that want to play together for an hour tomorrow. Myself and another person have Pro accounts. I vaguely remember that when we played the Challenge in the past there was a cap of 10 people who can join. Is this true statement or the cap is for different game?
    We want all 18 of us to play on the same map. What would be the best way?

  • Hi,

    No you can invite how many you want for a challenge so there is no cap on that.

    For Battle Royale Private lobbies there is a cap of 10.

    I would say the best way is for the Pro-account to send a challenge on a Map or multiple Maps and then the free-accounts can take part as well. 

  • Great! Thanks for the quick response!

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