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How many people can I invite to challenge?

Hi, I got a pro account and I want to invite my team to play online - we are 35 people. How many people can I invite to a challenge? and how many people can I invite to battle royale mode? Seems like it's only 10 players.
Also if none of these can handle up to 35 people then could you advise what would be the best way for all of us to play online?

Many thanks,



  • Hi Ivan,

    For one BR-lobby the max is 10. So in case you are 35, you will need either 3 Pro-accounts or a Group-subscription so you can have three different lobbies.

    Challenges you can send to all of them, there is not really a limitation on how many you can send it to. And with sending a challenge on Streaks/Maps they can have a Free-account.

  • How do I upgrade to a group account? It's urgent
    Anush Gershman
  • Hi,

    You can send me an email to in case you already have a individual subscription and want to switch.

    If you have a free-account and want to sign up for Group Plan you can do so here -

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