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how many games can you play in an hour?

i want to grind xp because the boarders look cool, but i have been told you can only do 100 matches in 1hour is this true? if not can i just grind games all day?


  • Since each time you start a game makes you cost the game money there is indeed a limit of games you can play each hour (should be around 100). When you reach the limit you will not be able to create new game (you can still join challenges or private lobbies). After some time (no idea how much) your account will be unlocked and you will be able to play again.

    Note: you can't choose which border your icon will have since it is tied to your rank. This means it is useless to grind xp as once you get the border you want, you will lose it after playing more and reaching the next rank. This obviously won't apply if the border you want is the purple one, which is the latest.
  • Oh ty, yeah I want the level 190 one I just think it looks good lmao, so if I did 100 matches in 1hour does that mean I can still play competitive? And there's pple that have played like 20k games and level 200 so I'm just asking how's that possible when u can only play 100 in an hour or what ever the thing is? 😀
  • Well the game is a bit old now so people had time to play thousands of games in the past years. Not sure you can still play competitive when the account is temporarily locked, I would say no but it would need confirmation.

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