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How many Daily 'days in a row' did you play?

Hey all,

I'm a fan of the daily challenge and I've been playing it for a while now. I know there's plenty discussion about cheaters, and I have a support request open for some more badges for certain days in a row.

In the end I don't care about those things, I do it for fun and it helps me getting a bit better at Geoguessr every day, so to speak.

But a question for all, just out of curiosity:

What is your longest streak on the Daily Challenge? How many days in a row have you played currently, or ever? If it's about a past personal best, please be honest. 😀

I'll go first. This morning I hit 151 days in a row. I started about half a year ago, but after 30some days I missed one so the counting started from 0.

Dick Tjepkema


  • Yes, I have the same question.
    Could Geoguessr please publish a list of the top ten daily streaks for the daily challenge -I want to know what the world record is that we need to aim for hahaha

    My streak at the moment is 245 days in a row. My family is under instructions to log in and play for me if I am suddenly rushed to hospital :-)


  • Hey ET, that's awesome! I thought (against hope) that I was a lone wolf playing this long, but it's great to hear that others are doing the same!

    LOL @ instructions. Tbh, I figured 200 would be fine and my streak could be over now, if it came to it. But now I'm encouraged to continue on! See if we can make it a whole year (and beyond?). I will instruct my family too now!

    ps.Fun fact: today I'm at 208. I could have been at 238, but after 30 days I accidentally skipped a day. Of course the only thing that counts is the current streak, but it's funny that in reality you started about a week before me. Cool!

    Thanks for finding this message and responding! And I have another message thread with a request for badges or something for long time dailers.
  • Well done GeoClectus!
    Keep up the good work :-)

    Even my wife has now become obsessed with it and she recently hit the 100 day streak.
    My first target was 100 days.
    Next target is one year.
    The big target is 1000 days!
    But I don't know how I will achieve that. If I travel anywhere or visit family I will have to time the flights so I can log in somewhere each day and do the daily hahahaha

    I am sure we will hear there is someone who has 500 days or more in a row.
    Anyhow... would be nice to know what the all time record is. Give us all a nice target
    p.s. my children introduced me to this last christmas. So I started my streak sometime after that??

  • Funny thing, we have online game nights with friends and family now and then, and one night they were just watching me play GeoGuessr (and helping me a bit, without googling ofcourse). They understand me a bit better now, and less at the same time.

    I have a great respect for you. Today I'm at 208, and close to giving up (you know, what's the point?), but now that I know that there are fellow 'dailers', I'm infused with new enthusiasm.

    Big target 1000 ... yeah ... we'll have to see. I guess the more invested, the more ready I would be to reschedule things like flights (LOL at that)! And I'm dreading the day that somehow internet is out on both house and phone, and I would have to drive to find a mcdonalds with good wifi. 😀

    For me the same, started playing late 2020 at some point, and started the streak sometime early 2021.

    And I agree. Would be nice if there are any crazy records out there (to break!).

    Ps. kudos to your kids for finding and playing GeoGuessr! Great educational game for them.
  • And then it happened. I skipped a day. I was completely out of my regular start up routine yesterday because of a situation, and I simply forgot to do my daily geoguessr.

    Ended up at 259.

    @ETisHERE I hope you're still going strong, if my calculations are correct and if you managed to keep going, you should be very close to 300 now. I'm rooting for you!

    I think I'm going to take a break from GeoGuessr for a while, or stick to the occasional play maybe.

    There are a few things that bug me about GeoGuessr that I would really like to see fixed:
    - Fix cheating (unbelievable that some remote locations that nobody can guess at all, are guessed within 3 seconds with 5000 points. That is a script running, and that needs to be fixed.
    - Fix maps: this last month or so I've come across more bad locations than before. Some moderation or curation would be nice for things like daily maps. Use the community if you have to. Ask people to verify good locations, and use those for the dailies.
    - Fix reporting bad maps: related to previous item. There used to be a way to report bad locations. Stranded in the middle of nowhere on a hiking trail or dirt road with dead ends both ways and absolutely no clues really screws with attempts to get high scores and can ruin someone's play. Now, maybe you took this reporting feature away because you didn't use the reporting data anyway, but please own up to that then, or bring this back in some form.
    - Fix rewards for record breaking daily streaks !!!! You promised, but it never came. (see

    Thank you.

  • Oh no!! That is such an unfortunate thing to happen geoclectus!
    I think if I miss a day, one day, I would also take a break from it.
    Today I am at 298 days in a row.
    Looking forward to that 300 day mark in a couple of days. :-)

    Every now and then I do a battle with my kids. The locations in there are more interesting. I might see you in there some time :-)
    The other day I played a battle and a guy in there had a ranking of 100, which is the max. That was impressive. Then he lost and slipped down to 98. :-)

    Good luck and take care

  • finally got there :-)

  • Congrats ET! Nice work.
    On to 400 ... and beyond. Don't give up, no rest for you yet. 😀

    Haven't done any 1-on-1 battles yet, but i do sometimes just enter some royales with strangers for fun, to keep up with everything. And wow on the 100 rank! Just to be up there, he must have played a tremendous number of hours.

    Have fun!

  • Hi ET,

    Just wondering, still going strong? To my calculations, if you did, you should be around 370 by now.

    Still rooting for you!

  • Just made it to 400 days in a row.

    Eero Tarik
  • dude my highest streak is zero but i would like to know with all of that time whats your high score
  • Whoah, congratz on the 400 !!! Nicely done!
    I'm rooting for you for 500 and more!
  • @StR_Saucy: I can't remember what my exact high score was, but a few of those 259 days in a row came very close to 25k (I think my highest was like 24950 or so). It's very much a matter of luck on how many in one day are easy. Plus of course how much time you've got that day. I do know that on the streaks, I never was able to get 25k.
  • Thanks guys.
    highest score? probably in the high 24k's, like 24,950 or something but it all depends on what we are presented with. Recently we have had a lot of new locations, some I didnt even realise were in the game, like Antarctica.
    On those days a score of zero on one of the screens screws up your day.

    I also dont cheat in any way, or use other reference tools and am happy with anything over 20k - thats my target.

    I just play according to what I see on the screen. My average tends to be in the low 20k's and I have a reasonable amount of geographic knowledge and have travelled a lot. Which helps.
    Have fun...
    onto 500  :-)
    Eero Tarik

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