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How many countries in Explorer Mode?

Hi GeoGuessr crew!

I've been wondering how many countries are part of the Explorer mode.Judging by the map, I've done them all. Yes, sure, call me a completionist, and I've only gotten bronze on most of them. But many of them are really yard.

So I've done 82 countries. I didn't google anything, this is fair and square straight up trying. Lots of gambles and re-do's. But hey, it was worth doing all the countries on the map that are not light-gray and not selectable.

What I'm wondeirng about: why does it say there are 98 countries availlable in this game mode? It seems that there should be 16 more countries. Please see the image below.

I'm sure this is a simple oversight and I would love to either play more countries, or have it show the bar completely full.

Much appreciated!

Best regards,
Dick Tjepkema
A GeoGuessr completionist from the Netherlands

Dick Tjepkema


  • Not all countries are visible on the map. Just open the Explorer Mode page and scroll down. There is the complete country list.

    A European
  • A thank you so much, Eurpean! That makes total sense.  I had a feeling I was overlooking something and it was right there in plain sight.

    I did the countries at the top of the list, so it seemed complete to me. I just didn't bother to scroll further down. Seems like they're all smaller countries, so that's why they're not showing on the clickable map.

    Much appreciated!
    Dick Tjepkema
  • Pfew, all done now. Thanks again!
    Dick Tjepkema
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