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How do you want to make business in brazil?

No one, mainly in that crises will pay almost 18 R$ in geoguess. In your current native coin that would be 3,5 $, but here we just will not pay for that, and that's a shame because a want to play that game with my friends, but PER MONTH? I would just pay maximum of 3 R$!

I ask you, would you pay 18$ to play geoguess PER MONTH? In our native coin is exacly that waht you're asking us to pay for. I know that just my little opinion will not do anything, but any will I have to pay for geoguess just vanish when I see that irrealistic and unfair price.


  • The main goal of the pro subscription is to pay Google to use Google Maps data. They don't choose the prices, Google does with its API pricing. If it's too expensive for you they can't do anything. Whoever play the game will cost them the same amount of money, be it from Sweden, USA, Brazil or Zimbabwe.
  • Mapper, you're missing their point.

    I pay $2 USD a month for my pro subscription in America.
    According to Thalysson, users in Brazil pay R$18 Brazilian Real.

    Checking the conversion rate today, that's $3.35 USD.

    An equal price to $2 USD would be closer to R$10.75.

    But even that is quite high considering other services around the world get noticable discounts.

    For example, Spotify Pro in Brazil for a single account costs R$16.90 per month, or about $3.05 USD.

    Spotify Pro in America is $9.99 USD. Users in Brazil pay less than a third.

    GeoGuessr should at the very least try to not give their customers a bad exchange rate in Brazil and reduce the cost to R$10.75.

    Preferably, a GeoGuessr Pro account shouldn't cost more per month than Spotify Pro in Brazil and consider, say, a discounted R$4 per month cost.
    Kyle G
  • No you missed the point: GeoGuessr pays a few cents every time someone loads the game screen. This is always the same price, even if the player is from a country with lower exchange rate. There is no adjustment possible, you pay the API usage because your service (like the game website) uses it, not because someone uses your service. This means GeoGuessr is not able to adjust prices depending of the user's location.
  • So, you're just going to ignore the inflated exchange rate? It's the whole point of the post.

    And don't lecture me on API usage. I've been a paying customer of Google's APIs in the past, I'm well aware there would be no user market discount for GeoGuessr if a person from Brazil was visiting their website.

    It's not "a few cents", it's somewhere above a penny per page load; depending on the deal that was made.
    Maps JavaScript API Usage and Billing  |  Google Developers
    Kyle G
  • The whole point is. Geoguess like other companies like Nintendo do norte considerado Brazil as an important player.

    Some points, no one being paid to announce and play the game in Brazil. Even If You cannot adjust the price, bit You Just CAN'T pratice that price on Brazil! Look at Xbox Game Pass, for the first month in Brazil they ask you 1 R$!!! They loose some money to earn more, search on Google and It will Tell what investment is.

    I am not telling that is easy, I just had the courage to como here, and say as a Brazilian person, an american that lives in the south part of the continent, that I would love to play Geoguess, but I cant effort that price! In mobile the price comes to 4R$, I can pay for that!

    The thing is, If a companie wants to expand tour market and cares about their players they will think in ways to do It, or they can just don't give a $hit and... Well, they don't really grow. Brazil coin is a Shame, our president is a Shame, our economy is a Shame, but we still huge, Se do not just are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and Samba and Carnaval all over the year, some companies like Microsoft knows that, the serius companies that sees It can take too the money that the brazilians wants to give, their worthy money.

    That's It, end of the thread. I hope that some day Geoguess run out of business, so other companie can ser usado in Brazil and make possible for us to play for an Fun browser game. 

  • You're not getting what I want to say.

    Google charges a fixed amount of money per API call (when your service loads a Google Maps or Google Street View frame). In the example of GeoGuessr, loading a map and a Street View frame costs around $0.02 (a bit less in reality as they have customized pricing for large usage).

    Nintendo, Microsoft, Spotify etc are their own service so they can adjust because they're not dependent to another service (or they are, but not exclusively unlike GeoGuessr is with Google). As GeoGuessr uses a third-party service to work (which is Google) they are not the masters of their costs. Whoever plays the game, whatever country they are from and whatever currency their country use: the cost will be the same for GeoGuessr, paid in US dollars.

    So if they decide to adjust the subscription pricing for Brazilian users, they will receive less in US dollars because of the exchange rate. But, the money they have to give to Google in the meanwhile will still be the same, meaning they will lose money. This is not sustainable for them. Google doesn't offer the capability to adjust API pricing depending of another service's customer origin so GeoGuessr can't do anything to help users from countries with unfavorable exchange rate.

    What you see on the website is the prices in US dollars, because Google is from USA and uses USD. When you subscribe, the money you actually pay will be 3 USD that will be converted into your bank account currency, with fees applied depending of your bank. For example in my case I use euro and I have some fees applied by my bank so I am disadvantaged as well, though it is way less than you in Brazil.

    And again, the main reason GeoGuessr is not free is to pay those Google fees. The game was free before when the Google API was almost free to use but Google suddenly increased the prices by 14 in 2018. GeoGuessr doesn't care about expanding in new markets or whatever, it's just a side project developed on free time and they put paid subscriptions simply to avoid bankruptcy, not to get earnings (they have actual jobs aside for that). So you can't compare them with businesses like Microsoft, Apple, Nintendo etc. as it's not the same goal.

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