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How do you change the google maps theme

Hello! I wanna know how do you change the google maps theme because i saw some videos that were posted now or 1 day ago and i also want to know how did they change the google maps theme the one with lighter color and when you zoom in the maps gets white and green



  • Hi,

    Thats not something we have as an option. Most likely some script that someone has made. Perhaps post your question on Reddit or Discord where someone in the community might know what it is.
  • Google pushed the new map recently so probably those videos were made a bit earlier. This new map was supposed to be forced early 2021 but they got a lot of delay.

    It is possible to change the map style with the Google Maps API so GeoGuessr could implement a setting and various styles. In the meanwhile you can try the Unity script which offers options to change the map but remember it is not allowed in any multiplayer / competitive game.

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