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How do I cancel my free trial?

I want to cancel my pro account trial and there is no option to do so from My Profile, or anywhere that I can see in Geoguessr. I don't even see an answer to this question anywhere on the forums, other than to email an employee directly. Surely there is a way to cancel before the trial ends.
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  • Hi Megan,If you go to your profile page you will see a link under your avatar which leads to a page where you can edit your profile.On that page (Edit profile) there's a link where you’ll be able to cancel your Pro subscription.
  • Great advice but shame on the site for hiding the option. I have cancelled due to many blank pages during a game and the repetitive destination plus the PL football is a joke as many have the name of the team clearly displayed.
    Nicholas Robertson
  • Hi,

    For anyone searching for how to cancel, here's a link (you need to be logged in to see this page)

    Sorry to hear that Nicholas, are highest priority is to improve the destinations, no duplicates, blank pages etc. You're welcome back when we've sorted that!

  • This page doesn’t exist and emailing doesn’t work either. This is super frustrating. I emailed in April and am still being charged!
    Sarah Routh
  • Hi Sarah,
    Once you're logged in the page mentioned above should work fine.

    And at the settings page you'll be able to change your subscription.


  • i got into it fine and cancelled just now, go to your profile page where you can see your avatar and such, right under said avatar there's a button labelled "edit profile", if you click that you will be able to find the cancellation button pretty easy.

  • Hi, How do i cancel my subscription? Have deleted the account & I'm hoping it cancels the subscription. Height of frustration...
  • Hi, as mentioned above you can cancel the subscription at (you need to be logged in to see this page) and you can't delete your account unless you have canceled your subscription first so in your case it should be canceled.

  • Thank you.

  • You put the cancellation in a hidden way to make it difficult to find it, that's embarrassing. To sign is easy, to cancel hidden, difficult access.
    Silas Junior
  • Hi, i just paied for a pro to test it with free 10 days, but i paied 23€ and i  don't really want it for some reasns, it's too much for me and i don't find the link to cancel mmy pro.
  • Want to cancel as like some others I get blank pages. I can not find the link to cancel I can see subscription (I wasn't given a monthly option just the year paid up front). I can see delete and the warning  NO GOING BACK but do not want to press that and still not get my money back!  Liked Geo Guessr a lot better when it first started.
  • Hi AndNo and Grace,

    If you have started a subscription you should be able to cancel it if you go to

    I had a look at your accounts tied to the email addresses you used here and it didn't look like they had any subscriptions.

    Send me an email if you need any help!

  • Damn Mikael what a bro, taking time to repeat the same thing over and over again.
    No particular problem on my end, keep up the good work.
    Best regards,

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