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How close do you need to get 5000 points?

How close do you need to get to a specific location to get the full 5000 points? This seems to be rather variable in my experience.  I have searched through various answers and it seems the response is that "it depends". But I am unclear on exactly what it depends.  In this example ( I was 12 meters out and only received 4997 points. Yet the the supposed location was 12 meters off the road! There is no way you could get the exact location. ANy thoughts?
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  • It depends of the map. The smaller the area covered is, the closer you will need to be. A city map will require you to be very close, when playing a worldwide map will be a matter of 100-200 meters. The score is calculated between the two further coordinates the map has, both in longitude and latitude so a larger map will allow more error distance.
    For example I put a location in South Pole on A Diverse World and another one in northern Canada, even if those locations are not guessable perfectly: they're just there to increase the error threshold as they're the most remote available coverage in both north and south (New Zealand and American Samoas do the job for east and west and we can guess them fine).

    There is a safe distance that works on all maps without exception (except maybe Famous Places, I'm not sure as it has a custom scoring system): if you guess under 15m then you'll always have 5000 points. On the example you shown you're above 15m (you were 26m off, not 12m like you said) so you lost some points.

    As for the numerous cases where the location if off road, that's an issue with Google Maps not being very precise enough. GeoGuessr can't do anything about this, Google is the source of the problem. This is why I think all guesses under 50m should automatically yield 5000 points as Google removes blue Street View lines if a location is located 40+m too far from a road on the map. I already ruined perfect games because of locations that were 40m off road...
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  • Thanks for this explanation Mapper. That makes sense. I used to play a map of just Budapest locations and you needed to be really accurate to score 5000 points. I wonder if the margin of error shouldn't be a setting that the map maker can set, within certain limits. Just a thought.
  • It depends on how close Google Maps got to the location.  A street corner in NY is better mapped than the Great Wall of China.
    Robin L Gray

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