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How can I subscribe using a Visa Gift Card?

I am trying to use a registered visa gift card to start my subscription but the card keeps getting declined.  When I check my card's website there is still over $40 on the card and it is active and registered.

I also tried buying a gift subscription and got a message "Your card does not support this type of purchase", but my Visa gift card's T.O.S. very clearly state that if my card is registered it can be used for online purchases.

I am guessing this is due to the settings you have configured with the payment gateway for your website, so I am curious why you do not accept pre-paid visa gift cards?
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  • Hi,

    Could it be that the prepaid card doesn't allow for subscriptions to be created? I wouldn't be too surprised if one-time purchases and subscriptions are handled differently.

    One option for you might to be to sign up using PayPal instead (and register your card to your PayPal account), since this would then be a one-time purchase.

    Hope this help!
  • Thank you for the feedback, but shouldn't purchasing the gift card ( count as a one-time purchase?

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  • Also, to be clear, I have also setup several subscriptions with other services (E.g. Disney Plus) using similar Visa gift cards.  I do this so that in case I forget about a subscription, there is no link to my actual credit/bank account that just keeps getting charged in perpetuity.  Otherwise I would spend hours every month combing through my bank statement looking through hundreds of small $1-$5 charges that typically fly under my radar.

    This is a "life-hack" I use regularly to protect myself.

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