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How are scores calculated

Cant seem to figure out numerical relationship to score vs KM



  • Hi Hal

    Thank you for playing the beta and taking the time to write to us. The scores are calculated using a mathematical function with the distance as one of its in-parameters. However exactly what this function looks like is an area that we're constantly tweaking.

    Kind regards

  • Well I just got a location within about 5 meters and scored 5000
    Next round I was 1.2k away and scored 4994.
    That seems a bit odd.

    Is the max. score per round still 6000+?

  • I think the max score is 5000 and your score halves for each additional 1070km you are away from target. So ~1070km gives you 2500, 2140km gives you 1250 pts, etc.

    Luke from Bendigo
  • Hi Scott

    As Luke stated the current max score is 5000 per round, however this is a constant area of improvements so this may change in the future. The "sweet spot" that gives max score also depends on what map etc. you're playing.

    Kind regards

  • Hello and thank you for this game! I am well traveled on the rural roads in the US, but I would like a more detailed map to guess my location. How can I zoom in not only on the image but also on the map. I may be just an ignoramus when it comes to this! I have been inspired to drive and observe more and may in future seek out these great intersections.

  • Hi Lynn

    Thank you for playing!
    On the map where you place your guess there are plus/minus buttons on the upper left corner of the map (round white buttons with black symbols).
    Just let me know if you have trouble finding this and I can send you a screenshot.

    Kind regards

  • Obligatory 6 year bump.

    On a worldwide map, what is the maximum distance you need to guess from the actual point to still receive the perfect 5,000 points? I had 5,000 points at a guess 42 yards from the actual.

  • Hi Grant,

    It's a somewhat complicated process to figure out the distance needed to get 5000 points as it depends on the size of the map. On a small map (a city map for example), being a couple of kilometers off isn't as impressive as being a couple of kilometers off on the world map. To add to the complexity, (official) maps can also be adjusted to make them easier/harder, so that we can tweak the scoring level if we find the map too easy/hard. The scoring algorithm takes all these parameters into account when calculating your score.

    So unfortunately I can't say on top of my head what's the maximum distance allowed for 5 000 points on specifically the world map. I hope you understand.

  • Can you maybe post the function that you are using to calculate the scores, including all the parameters?
  • How does the scores work as I can find no consistency
    297 km away I got 685 points
    2 km away I got 4932 points which is a loss of 1.7 point per 50m
    100 m away I got 4996 points which means a loss of 1 point per 25m.
  • To the owner, Your posts are always well organized and easy to understand.
    Jonathan Brune

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