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How about a "golf" mode?

Perhaps you could develop a mode (I'd call it "golf") in which you get dropped into a location, perhaps with only rotate and zoom options, and then you get three chances to guess where you're at.  After each guess, GeoGuessr would only report the distance you've guessed from the target location.  Let's say you play 9 or 18 "holes" and record the total distance for your final guesses on each "hole".  I think the game could be played quickly, and would allow new users to quickly familiarize themselves various locations, terrain types, etc.
David Hoshor


  • I like the idea.

  • Haha, this sounds like a real fun game mode! Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Interesting. From the title I was imagining a mode where it counts the number of moves you make (similar to golf shots). A par 3 spot might require 3 moves to get enough information to guess where you are. "Oh look, a large public building. In 4 clicks I could get close enough to read its sign and figure out which city square I'm in."

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