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Hovering over the guess map doesn't open/close it

Hovering over the guess map doesn't open or collapse it anymore. It was working fine yesterday, but it's not anymore.

No, I have not pinned the map by mistake, I tried pinning and unpinning it and it changes nothing. This was happening in Chrome since I started playing (like a month ago), but it has always been ok in Firefox. But suddently today, it's also happening in Firefox so I'm stuck with this now. On a Windows 10 PC by the way.


  • Well... I rebooted my computer (because you know, when there's a bug why not use the good old reboot trick), and it's working now.
  • Hi!

    Great, glad it was resolved!

  • Hey there,

    i've had the same problem for several months now. Unfortunately rebooting my pc doesn't work. I also tried using different web browsers like: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Opera GX, microsoft edge etc.. But hovering over the map won't change the size. Also if i remember correctly, the map should have like a little blur if it isn't pinned. But it doesn't. Any advices?
  • Not sure where the issue derives from so its hard to say. I had the issue once and reinstalled Chrome to get it to work. I would suggest perhaps raising it on Reddit - and see if the community knows more on what fixes it.

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