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Hints on Locations

This is something which came to my mind recently, to have an option for map makers to add hints to their locations. You would have a field, or a button that opens a window, at the window which pops up for you to change the orientation of the photosphere when placing pins in the map maker, where you can write a hint about that location. Then in game when people get a location, they would have a semi-transparent button labelled "Hint" somewhere in the corner which can be clicked, and which opens the hint which would too come up in a semi-transparent sort of a little window. They can then read that hint that would help them with pinpointing the location or close the window, or not open it at all. It would be optional. This would create a whole new and different game mode and open a whole new window for the type of maps which people could make, and would actually make photospheres without many clues for the location a little bit more useful and interesting for the game. That would be another level of immersion into the game, where people could even write little stories about a place that would help people identify it. It would create something totally new never before seen in this game. Of course, all these hints would be completely optional both for the people who play the maps containing those hints and for people who make maps. They may not include them at all into the map and then there wouldn't be a "Hint" button at a location when it comes up in-game.

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