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High Scores for all movement settings

It would be great to be able to see your High Score on a map for all the movement and time settings such as: No move, NPMZ, etc. As far as i understand you can currently only see the absolute highest score on a map (or scroll forever in 'activities'). But that is almost useless if for example you want to see if you sett a new record with a specific limitation. Your 'moving allowed' High Score will almost certainly dominate and be the only one you can access.

A suggestion would be that once you click on the little bars that currently takes you to your High Score for that map, you would see the setting it was achieved at in a drop down menu(potentially one for movement and one for time). You could then select another setting from the drop down menu ( for example 'no moving', 'no time limit') and you would see your High Score with that setting on that map.



  • To the owner, Thanks for the detailed post!
    Erik Conybeare

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