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Hiding the car

Now that you have a "no move" option, can you add a "no car" option. (This is already available as an extension.) The game already has a lot of meta elements (sun, licence plates, bollards, etc) but being able to tell a country by a piece of black tape on a roof rack is too much! Also, photospheres often have info if you pan down, so a car blob would remove that too. I know this won't solve every "car meta" issue /cough Nigeria/ but it's a start. Best wishes.
Dadge City


  • This is very specific and I doubt they should spend time doing what a script already does very well.
  • It's not specific, it's general.
    Dadge City
  • I think this would be great to have as an option. One thing is how you chose to play with your mates, but if you want to arrange tournaments, every automated option is a blessing.
    Eivind Olsnes
  • You can use this script. It basically covers the car with a big grey blob.

  • Yes, this would be a HUGE step forward for the no-moving game.

    Using the car 'meta' is a great way into the game at first, but eventually it makes identifying certain countries meaninglessly easy.

    Imagine having to identify Senegal / Ghana / Kenya / Uganda / Guatemala / Bangladesh / Kyrgystan / Mongolia and multiple little islands by actually looking at the country rather than a roof-rack? Not to mention all the other the more subtle glimpses of the car and the aerial in many other countries. (Obviously GeoGuessr is not to blame for the fact that we've learnt all these obscure bits of knowledge!)

    The script is amazing, but it seems unlikely that it will ever be used widely. So competing against others where everyone is using the no-car script will be rare.

    The alternative is to play no-moving-panning-zooming (NMPZ), where the car is rarely visible, and that's certainly a fairly popular format. But I think there's a big group of intermediate-skill no-moving players who would appreciate being able to compete regularly with no car.

    Anyway, I don't know how practical it would be to put in place, but if possible it would definitely be the biggest improvement for my kind of game-play.

    (Thanks for all the other recent improvements, btw, really like the new score breakdown format, and also the “leg not yet played” tag in the Pro League screen.)
    Apollo Smintheus
  • 100% Apollo.
    Eivind Olsnes
  • I thought that the game could limit the downward angle which you can view rather than a blurring the car, but I agree that the game would be better without identifying a country based on the google car.
  • Hi owner, Your posts are always on point.
    Arielle Keeney

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