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Help us play Geoguessr on our christmas party by intregrating it into virtual spaces

Due to the ongoing pandemic the tech company I work for is forced to move our loved Christmas party online. We are planing to create a virtual space on and embed your game into it, to play with our colleagues.

Whilst setting this up I found out, that unfortunately your website currently does not allow the integration. We would love to play your game on our Christmas party so I must ask: Is there any possibility, that you could add an exception to your HTML headers X-frame options, so that the website integration for from the URL is possible? It would give us the possibility to bring a bit of fun and normality into these troubling times.

Thank you so much



  • Hi Bennet,

    Sorry about that, but we had to make that adjustment a while ago to cope with people hijacking our site and spending our Google maps credits. I hope you understand.

    Perhaps you could link to the game instead?

  • Hey Jesper,

    maybe you could make the integration of your game into other services as a premium feature. My company would definitly pay for it.

  • Hi Bennet,

    Could you help me understand the use-case a bit better? Why do you need to iframe the game on your own site rather than just linking to the game?

  • Hey Jesper, is not our site.It is virtual conference space in which you can walk around in a little 2D world and interact with people and objects in proximity. My company decided to move the Christmas party there, because the functionality allows you to get a more lifelike feeling in a videoconference (with the camera and microphone activating when you are near another person/group), rather than just using skype for example. The website allows you to embed videos, streams, websites and games via iframe, and we would love to do that with GeoGuessr, because opening it in a new tab would break the immersion of actually sitting around in that cozy space we created in

    Thank you for your support
  • Just want to second this request. I'd like to be able to integrate geogussr into my gather town holiday family party. Here is how it works with iFrame:
  • Any updates to this?
  • Still no word on this? I'm looking for the same possibility of playing geoguessr together with colleagues in Gather.
  • Hi,

    At the moment we do not have possibility to integrate GeoGuessr into gather.

    Hopefully we can do so in the future or have an alternative for larger events.


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