HELP!?!?! Streak won't load

I have a country streak game playing for five days, got 250 correct answers and now it won't load!! Why??? Every other map loads fast but this one won't! I did everything, restart, clear cache, tried on other machines..!!?? This isn't fair at all, thanks so much! If you really wanna help I am GEOGURU81 go find me on GeoGuessr, thanks in advance!!!!!!????!!!!!



  • Sergio
  • Sergio
  • It is a known issue. 254 is the maximum for now, it is not possible to go higher. They need to fix this problem.
  • Thanks for answering, this is soooo stupid, my scoreboard says I had max streak of 96, which was my last record, and in the same time I have a badge for scoring more than 100 (Half World badge), can someone make possible just to finish the game so my records would show at least 254, I mean I do pay for this game not to have this kind of free game moments.
  • Hi,

    Sorry for the inconvenience and the delay. The issue is fixed so it should be possible to continue now.

    Have a great weekend!

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