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In just the past two days, several of my students are not able to access my game links. When they attempt the sign-in with Google option, nothing happens. That link appears to be dead.
Jesse Grinstead


  • Hi,

    Are they all playing on a School network or is it the same issue if they try signing up on their own? Im thinking if it could be that the School has blacklisted the GeoGuessr Domain perhaps, or needs to whitelist it. Or is it the same issue in other browsers or devices?

    If so, could you send on an email on to subscription@geoguessr.com with some more information on how it looks from the students side, and we can see if we can investigate it further.
  • Most students are not having problems with the challenge links, but many are. We rely on the sign in with Google links for both initial registration and cases where they get signed out because student email filters don't allow much to come in—such as password recovery emails. Unfortunately, the students who are showing that they are signed out cannot get signed back in because the link that says "sign in (or log in) with Google" seems to be dead at the moment. Clicking it does nothing for them.
    Jesse Grinstead

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