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Heatmap for Daily Challenge and other gamemodes

Hi there,

recently I already suggested to make the statistics in the daily challenge more useful using a histogram of awarded points [1]. I had another idea regarding the statistics topic: Generate a heatmap that indicates how many people guessed which points - for example like in the image in article [2].
This way, a player could estimate how good their guess was in comparison to others. They could answer questions like: "Did I make the same mistakes as many other players? Or am I the only one who confused the country?" Also they could easily see whether, for example, their guess was outstandingly good, or a lot of people guessed very well in a specific challenge.
From a technical point of view, it would probably be fine to generate the map every few minutes or so - no need to generate it dynamically everytime a user requests it.

Would be so cool to see this at some point in the future!



  • For sure, would be really fun especially to compare against others but also your friends.

    I have sent this on to the feedback-sheet we have!

    Thanks 😀
  • Hey Filip,
    I would really love that feature and seeing that you are working a lot on the side lately I just wanted to throw that topic back on the table. It would really make the daily challenge even more fun.
    Thanks for considering.
  • Hi,

    Thanks! We still have the suggestion on in the backlog so we have not forgotten about it, will raise it to the team again 🙂

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