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Heading of locations gone missing

So I'm making a custom map and I was told that the locations store the Heading and Zoom.
So far I though it was all good, but today after I went over 250 locations I though I could not get the exact count of locations anymore, until someone sent me the way using the API.
When I went to the results I noticed that Heading Pitch and Zoom were on 0.
After that I added 30 new locations and the new locations did store the Heading Pitch and Zoom.
Also I went back to my first location added, readjusted the Heading Pitch and Zoom and I see that information stored for that location.

What could have caused that all the previous locations lost that information? Do I need to make a check on the API page of the map before getting the Heading Pitch and Zoom stored correctly next time?


  • I just noticed the problem is that all locations are getting reseted to 0 on the Heading Pitch and Zoom except the ones last changed at the moment of editing the map.
    I guess this is a bug, it's a problem loosing all the headings each time I edit a map.
  • Wtf really? I'm spending hours checking my thousands locations and setting custom views for nothing? Is there something in this website that works correctly?
  • The problem is even worst. Even on maps where you save the Heading and don't edit after it (Where headings are been stored and "work") they are broken...

    How you may ask?

    Well, if your heading is North, no problem, if your heading is South, no problem.

    Where is the problem?

    Well, someone doing math wrong on the code and WEST is EAST and EAST is WEST.

    For instance, on locations where my stored Heading is 90º, I spawn on the map facing WEST which would be 270º

    For Location for example where my heading is North West, lets say 330º when I spawn on the map I'm facing North East 30º

    So somewhere the code is doing something like:

    180º - Heading + 180º


    180 - 90 + 180 = 270 (Turns EAST into WEST)

    180 - 315 + 180 = 45 (Turns NW into NE)

    I know you guys may be busy or whatever. But if you need someone to help you guys with the coding, let me know. You can find me on Discord as @MrAmericanMike#8548 or on Twitter as @MrAmericanMike
  • Hello guys. Apologies. As you guys pointed out we've recently accidentally introduced a persistence error in the map editor causing some locations to lose their heading/pitch information. A fix is on its way through the CI-pipe, also addressing the related mirroring issues you guys discussed above.

  • Thanks a lot. Hope to hear back when it's fixed so I can take some time and go over all my Argentina Map locations and head the camera to the nice views once again.
  • It went out a couple of mins after Erland wrote the message, can you verify that it works for you?

  • Thanks a lot. Yes it seams to be working now. The "Zoom" is the only one not been stored, I see there is a field for it, but it's always set to 0.

    Pitch and Heading are working perfectly, not only while playing a round, but also when opening the map on the editor again.

    Thanks once again, nice to know this is working. I will make sure to pick nice views on my Argentina map once again 😃

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