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Having an apostrophe in your nickname bugs out challenge mode

Like the title says, if you change your nickname to anything with an apostrophe in it, the challenge mode won't work correctly anymore.

So you can click challenge, set the time limit, and get the URL. But when you click start challenge, there's no second message(the one with "The game is about to start" doesn't pop up), and it doesn't actually let you start the challenge. It just makes you play the map as if you hit the Play button, and it won't give you the same locations as the people who get the challenge link, nor will your score count towards the challenge leaderboard. If you share the challenge link, anyone who plays it will get the time limit, and will be able to play the challenge as usual. Even if you go to the challenge link in a separate window, it still won't let you play the challenge, unless you change your nickname.

It's easy for someone to work around since you can just change your nickname and remove the apostrophe, but still something worth fixing.

Most people probably wouldn't be aware that the apostrophe is causing the problem in the first place.

I'd like to be able to have an apostrophe in my nickname, so hopefully this can get fixed soon! Thanks in advance.


  • Weird bugs.
  • Hi, yeah weird indeed, I'll have a look, what name are you trying with?

  • Hi again, I have a fix for this and will release it tomorrow Friday. Good catch and thanks for letting us know!


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