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Have the "Like this map" button at the end of a game

Would it be possible to have 2 more options at the end of each game, on the Resume with the 5 locations.

Right now we have:

Try another Map - Play the same map again

It would be really nice to have

Try another Map - Link to this map - LIKE this map - Play the same map again

I have noticed that even when I liked a map, I rarely take my time to go back to that map and drop a Like on it. Specially as there is no direct link to the map at the end of the round.
But adding this 2 options we would have both chances, to drop a Like right away and to get the link of the map in case we want to share with someone else.



  • To piggyback, having a page of our liked maps would also be great!
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback, totally agree! We're working at this right now.

    Stay tuned,
  • It's the common problem, you have to know upfront if you like the game or not, or to remember exact name of a game so you can search for it later, there's no list of maps and games only if you know name then you can find it. There's no comment section, no chat section, no go back and like when you finish, no list of all maps, such cool game with less than minimum possible options, 21st century!
  • Why don't you introduce some kind of beta testing like other games and give some of us roles to test and write what we expirienced, good or bad. I notice something that could be changed in almost every game I play!! Would test for free!!!
  • Hi, we've added a like button at the end of a game now and also a page where you can see your liked maps 

    Thanks for the beta-test offer and the feedback, we'll see if we can do that in the future!

    hope that helps!
  • It helps, from the creators of such cool game you expect nothing less than genius. Thanks for added options, I believe there are good number of people willing to test, me among them, contact us! Thanks again, all the best!

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