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Have the Author and Number of locations show in listings

I have noticed that when we look at the list of maps on the "Browse Maps" page, we can see the number of locations for the Popular and New Maps. However when we access the Popular Maps page we don't see the number of locations on the maps anymore. Could this be fixed?

And also, it would be nice to also have the avatar and author of each map to display next to it. "Sadly" some users are spamming maps daily (Some may like those maps, I don't) so it would be much easier to just ignore those maps for me if I know the Author not having to open one map at a time.

And hopefully on the future we could have a feature like "Hide maps from X users"

This also comes hand to hand with the "Liked Maps" there is no place where we can see "Liked maps" and this would be useful, not so much the Liked maps, as those we may like as an appreciation to the author that made it, but maybe even have a "Favorite this map" and that would save X map in our favorites, and we can access those in an easier way.


  • Hi Mike,

    thanks for the feedback! Probably just a miss from our side with the missing information.. I've added the number of locations and creator, should be updated in a couple of days.

    I'm also working on improving the popular maps listing, so likes will have a bigger impact, then spammers probably won't rank that high.

    And finally, a page with your own liked maps sounds like a good idea, I'll get on it.


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