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Harrassment in Battle Royale lobbies

Lately I've seen GeoGuessr streamers be attacked by users joining private BR lobbies with harrassing usernames ("<streamer> is fat", "<streamer> is ugly" etc). I report these accounts but until the reports are handled, these users can still repeatedly join lobbies.

The feature to blur usernames and pictures is one option but it's sad for smaller streamers where everyone in the community knows each other to have to be hidden. As it is, streamers have a choice between either opening themselves up to harrassment or to play BR games that may as well be vs. randoms. A third option is using Discord to share the link (since users cannot lurk there anonymously like on twitch) but this increases the workload for moderators, and if there are many members on Discord, it can be hard to figure out which Discord user is the one causing trouble.

I think for Battle Royale community streams to be feasible, it needs to be possible to at least hide specific usernames, or for the host of the lobby to kick a user. Ideally, the host could ignore a user so this user could *never* join a lobby by that host.

Ignoring users could be a very helpful feature in general—in public BRs, ignored users could be blurred out, while in private BRs, ignored users could be blocked entirely.
ReAnna__ / Annannanna


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